Most visitors to the Netherlands only visit Amsterdam for a few days, but there are so many reasons to visit The Hague (Den Haag), the political capitol, only 40km away and next to the beach! The city has a much different vibe than Amsterdam, with the working palace of the king and queen located here, its also the headquarters of Shell, and is home to many expats and diplomats. It also has one key feature Amsterdam can’t offer : the beach. I lived there for three years before moving to Amsterdam, so check out my top 5 things to do in the Hague.

  1. Mauritshuis Museum : Home to The Girl with the Pearl Earring, this newly renovated museum is a must-see on your visit to the Hague. Its collection is only rivaled by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Once you’ve visited the museum, pop over to the Plein for lunch afterward… and maybe some beers.

2.  Wander through the Binnenhof : Next to the Mauritshuis is the country’s seat of parliament, the Binnenhof. Take a stroll through and take in the architecture, and maybe you’ll even see the Prime Minister – I’ve actually seen him quite a few times walking through here! After exploring this beautiful place, try some fresh pickled herring (haring) from one of the stands located outside of the Binnenhof – its a Dutch delicacy!


Ridderzaal Government Bldg The Hague 9-2014 (1).JPG
Binnenhof – 5 things do to in The Hague



Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 8.56.33 PM.png
My boy, myself and my bestie tasting herring


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3. Stroll past the Royal Palace and browse the shops on Noordeinde : A short walk from the Binnenhof will lead you to the Royal Palace, Paleis Noordeinde. This is the working palace for the king and queen, but don’t expect to see them here. Its pretty modest as far as palaces go, but hey, that’s what makes it so Dutch! After seeding the palace, continue heading down Noordeinde, a street filled with boutiques, cafes and some of this city’s best restaurants. If you’re looking for a great place to eat, check out It Rains Fishes or Het Heden, both located a short walk from the palace.


Noordeinde Den Haag
Peaking through the gaps… one of my favorite sights on Noordeinde!


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4. Pause at the Peace Palace : Visit the gorgeous Peace Palace, donated by Andrew Carnegie. The Peace Palace is part of the International Court of Justice (also located in the Hague) which presides over international law – human rights atrocities, mostly. Organize a tour of the palace, or merely take in the impressive building from the outside.


The Peace Palace Den Haag


5. Chill on a beach terrace in Scheveningen : If you’re visiting The Hague in the summer time, you absolutely cannot miss out on heading to Scheveningen. Say it with me (skay-vin-en-gen). The beach terraces on Zwarte Pad are the place to be on a warm summer day in the Hague. Skip the main beach area where all the families spend their day and walk north along the beach, past Carlton Beach hotel by about 5-10 minutes. There are tons of hip places, so just stroll ’til you find one that suits you. Chill out on a lounger and drink a beer while a DJ spins tropic-house in the background – its the perfect way to cure a hangover – or create a fresh one by staying for an all night beach party. Reach the beach via Tram 1 from the center.


Zwarte Pad

Whoosah Beach ClubThings to do in the Hague

Planning your trip to Holland? I rely on Lonely Planet for all my trips – and even though I live here, I bought it just to inspire me on the weekends!


  1. I’m desperate for a trip to the Netherlands, it looks so funky and cool, particularly the beach terrace in Scheveningen! Will be bookmarking this for a future trip planning session! Thanks for sharing xoxo

  2. I found your post very interesting !! The Woosah Beach looked so comfy and relaxing !! The Netherlands seems like a great place to visit

    • Reply

      it is a great place to visit! hope you make it over here one day 🙂

  3. Wow. So much to do, and feel, and experience in the Hague. This city, exceot the name, was totally unkwnon to me. Like the end of day… chilling out after a long day of travelling

    • Reply

      yeah it is a great day trip from Amsterdam, another side of Dutch culture 🙂

  4. You’ve tempted me to visit The Hague! Especially as it’s near a beach! The Hague seems so relaxed and chilled – would love to relax in a lounger in Scheveningen.

    • Reply

      it’s a great place to visit, especially if you’re already in Amsterdam – hope you make it out there!

  5. Your post is very interesting! Netherlands is such a beautiful place. It’s on my travel list. I loved the beach terrace, and the majestic buildings. Hope to visit the place soon! 🙂

  6. That beach terrace is so inviting! I would love to go to Hague some day, and check out the architecture of Binnenhof and spend time at the Peace Palace. PS: I want to go to herring tasting too <3 Cheers!! 🙂

  7. Cool post! I’ve been to Scheveningen many many times:) I studied in Rotterdam, so not far away:) didn’t really explore Den Haag though, maybe that was a mistake! Next time:) Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply

      ah nice! I studied in Rotterdam too actually! but lived in the Hague while I studied 🙂 Definitely visit when you go back!

  8. I love how quaint it is and all the historic architecture. Would love to check out the Girl with the Pearl Earring. Also would love to visit the Peace Palaace and hang by the beach. Sounds like a great way to enjoy this area.

  9. I really want to go to Europe!! It is at the top of my bucket list. As a history teacher, to see the beautiful architecture and the history would be amazing!

    • Reply

      oh great that you are visiting. yes I’ve been inside once, but make sure you book ahead of time! it is beautiful 🙂

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  13. Great post 🙂 I didn’t get a chance to visit the beach when I was in The Hague, but I’ll definitely be back!

    • Reply

      ah thanks! I hope you do return to the beach, it is such a great place to chill out in warm weather!

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